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Fast2earn Is an investment platforms in which someone can invest but buying shares and getting profit . Profits is being payed as dividend monthly according to how many shares to buy. The more shares you buy, the more the Profit. it’s a long term investment in which a user can gain up to 4 – 5 times of the Money Invested at the end of the year using year business period. Shares can also be sold in a higher of which a user bought it. it also has a platform for loan in a user can request from loan from online fast2earn Community. you can also perform jobs and also referring friends to earn.

How to Register on Fast2earn.

Registration on fast2earn is quite easy and free.

  • Just Click on the register button or you can also Click here to register.
  • Fill in your necessary details like Email ,password, full name and last name then click on register that’s all

How to earn on Fast2earn

Buying Of Shares :

You can buy shares and get profits through dividend, every User earns dividends every month from shares bought for 1year.

You can buy as many shares as you want, the higher the share you buy the higher the profit. There is a share profit Calculator in which you calculate the profit of the share you will earn after one year.
You buy shares from investors in the site based on their rating such as:


A+ Rating:

The share prices here are mostly high and though not stable, it do fluctuate too. Their Dividends and Return on Investment(ROI) are mostly high too up 400%. if you want to earn good amount of profit this is a better Option.

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A- Rating:

The share prices here are usually low but not lower than $3 ,the prices never rises or fluctuates, they offer low dividends but sometimes high Return on investment (ROI) also up to 400%.They Investors here are usually bussiness starters, people with small businesses and Charity Organizations,
it is also a good choice for starters who has low income.


How to Buy Shares on Fast2earn

  • Login into your Account
  • Click on Menu
  • Click on Projects
  • The first set of shares that do appear are the A- Rating but you can change it at the Top of the page.
  • Click on the shares of your choice.
  • Click on invest button
  • Input the number of shares you want to buy.
  • Then make payments through any payment method of your Choice , you can pay through your ATM , PayPal and PerfectMoney .
    You can also pay through Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and litecoin

SharesSelling of Shares.

You can also generate capital for your business in Fast2earn or Resell your share profit by selling of shares. Then you can make a lot profit here too and also pay your investors their dividends too.
How to Create and Sell Shares on Fast2earn

  • Login into your Account
  • Click on Menu
  • Click on Projects
  • Click on Propose new Projects
  • Then fill in your Share price, Dividend, what your business is all about

Fast2earn Refferal

You can earn by referring friends to invest in Fast2earn and earn 51% of their total investments. To get your refferal code;

  • click on Statistics
  • My refferals

Fast2earn Loan

You can also request loan from members of the Fast2earn and get results depending on your reasons for the loan. For you to request for loan in fast2earn.

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you must have a bitcoin wallet because you can only request for loan in bitcoin. To request for loan in Fast2earn you have to Set your Payout Method as Bitcoin ;
To set it up go to Account

  • Click on Payments Methods
    then Select your Payment Method as Bitcoin
    Input Your bitcoin wallet Address and then save.

To request for loan ;

  • Go to finance
  • Request for loan

You can also payout loan and make profit when User pays back;

  • Just go to finance
  • Click on loans
  • Choose the loans you want pay

Performing of Jobs

You can also earn on fast2earn by performing simple task given in the site.

Fast2earn Withdrawal

You can withdraw your funds in fast2earn into your PayPal, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Litecoin Wallet then to your bank account. To withdraw Your Funds;

  • Click on finance
  • Click on Withdraw
  • Input the Amount you want to Withdraw

Note that the Minimum withdrawal is $8 and Maximum is $22

Fast2earn Review(Is it Legit, Scam or Crashed)

Fast2earn has lasted for number of years without any Report, Complaints for now this Site is Legit. There are also payment proofs.

What’s your take on this ? You can help us by making Contributions, Complaints and Suggestions Using the Our Comments Box below
You can Also report Scam sites to us by using our Contacting Us

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