Gramfree Review (Is it legit ,Scam or Crashed ?)

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Gramfree is an online platform in which you earn Points in which will later be Converted to Currency by performing Various task on the sites such as Watching of videos, Referring of friends and lottery. Points are Offered as Gram.

Gram is a blockchain-based digital project developed to be fast, safe, scalable and capable of processing millions of transactions per second. It is designed to compete with Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized applications, while being extremely scalable.

How to earn on Gramfree

A gram made is Equivalent to $2.09. To make a lot of Grams, These are the task to be performed:

Watching of Videos: Each Video you watch on Gramfree you earn 0.1gram.


Uploading of Videos: You can create a Promotional video on gramfree, when Approved you earn up to 5gram

Roll : This is more like a lottery form in which when you click on the button,your number falls within a range you earn a lot of gram up $1000. according to how lucky you are .

Lottery : Other means of earning in gramfree are all free apart from this, you have to buy ticket to participate in this, you can also win lots of Gram from it.

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Referral : You earn up to 5gram on each Person you Refer to GramFree.

How to Register on Gramfree

Registration on Gramfree Is actually free of charge

  • You can Actually click here to Register
  • Then choose either facebook or Google Account to Complete your Registration

GramFree Withdrawal

Withdrawal on Gramfree is quite easy and it’s has lots of methods in which you can withdraw such as Bitcoin, Eutheruem, your ATM Card, M-Pesa, American Express, Payoneer, PayPal, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, Ecopayz.

Just go to Menu, Click on Withdrawal, input the Amount you want to withdraw.

Then you will get Paid within 2weeks.

Gramfree Withdrawal Threshold : 500 Gram. You have to earn up to 500gram before you can be qualified to withdraw

Red Flags About Gramfree

Gramfree Pays in Gram which actually Crytocurrency project based on TON started and actually owned by Telegram but was shutdown after a failed transactions till the issue is rectified.
Telegram denies Every form offering people free Gram for now since the Project has not been fully launched and Has Actually been shutdown for Now.

How Gramfree earn Money to pay Users.

  • Gramfree works with top advert Companies like Google which pays them every month for displaying ads on their site.
  • Gramfree also sell lottery ticket for those who wants to engage in Premium lottery which gives much more points and reliable than rolling.
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The Goodnews About Gramfree

is Gramfree Actually Paying?

The Answer is yes. Gramfree is Actually paying, I have seen a lots of Payment proofs all over the web. Yes Gramfree is Actually paying and it’s Legit.

I earned Up $500 Minimum threshold but I wasn’t paid? Why?

The Reason is that you earned the points through referral, Actually your referral points needs to be Approved. For your referral to be Approved, the person you referred Needs to earn up to Level 2. You can actually follow the person up in order to ensure that

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