Incredible Features of Donald Trump’s Presidential Limo

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The presidential Limo of USA President, Donald Trump have some astonishing facts you may never have think of.
The Limo which was manufactured by General Motors is longer than two SUV and weighs about 8tonnes. The Car is popularly known as “The Beast”. The President official State car is said to worth €1.2million. The car is based on 2018 Cadillac platform and is being maintained by the US secret service.

Donald Trump

Some amazing facts about this car is listed below;

1. It has a code name called ” Stagecoach ”
2. It has the most powerful and advanced communication gadgets including a satellite phone.

Donald Trump
3. The Beast has extra safe tires.
4. The internal of the car is sealed from the inside to prevent it from chemical attacks, also the fuel tank is surrounded by formulated fuel to avoid explosion.
5. The Beast has no keys and key holes, the only way to open the passenger door is best known to the secret service.
6. The beast has a supply of the President’s blood type in case of any injury.
7. The car is very safe to an extent of all the windows is sealed except the driver’s window.

Donald Trump
8. The A C-17 Globemaster transport Airplane is used by the secret service to carry the Presidential Limo whenever a travel is fixed by the president.

Donald Trump
9. The beast weighs about 15,000 to 20,000pounds simplifying that, it is very heavy.
10. All the windows are bulletproofed.
11. The beast has firefighting equipment, and and oxygen tank.
12. Currently there are 12 copies of this similar limo manufactured.


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