KANAC 2020 International Creative writing Competition

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The annual international writing competition in Creative writing is instituted by KANAC as a way of harnessing and utilizing the human creative and imaginative potentials towards solving the myriad problems of human existence.

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The competition aims at creating healthy fora for the synergy of ideas, craftmanship and artistry which could be channeled towards constructively solving many challenges of our time. The competition also affords KANAC the opportunity of discovering and nurturing new talents in the creative writing industry.

KANAC Creative Writing Competition Theme : Survival

KANAC Creative Writing Competition Prizes: N200,000

Eligible Countries: All Nationalities


KANAC Creative Writing Competition Eligibility:

This competition is open to anyone, above 18 years of age, that is interested in the art of creative writing, irrespective of citizenship or race.

KANAC Creative Writing Competition Categories

Intending participants are encouraged to write and submit only one original entry in any of these categories:

Participants are expected to write a poem of not more than 50 lines on the above theme. Only one entry per participant will be permitted in this category.

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Participants are expected to submit a short story of between 2,000 to 5,000 words on the above theme of the competition. Only one entry per participant will be permitted in this category

Participants are expected to submit a short drama piece of not more than 7,000 words on the above theme of the competition. Only one entry per participant will be permitted in this category.

How to Apply for KANAC Creative Writing Competition

Each submission must be accompanied by a submission fee of one thousand Naira only for Nigerian citizens and 10 Euros for other nationalities. While a participant is allowed to make up to three different submission, the person is not allowed to submit up to two entries in one category/genre. Maximum number of submissions per participant is three, and the participant is expected to pay One Thousand Naira for each submission.

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KANAC Creative Writing Competition Submission Guidelines

  • All submitted entries MUST be made on the KANAC Competiton Portal. There MUST not be anything like name(s) or other forms of identity on the manuscript being submitted.
  • The personal details of the person making submissions (like names) will be required while the person is signing up at the KANAC submission portal.
  • Once the intending participants has successfully paid the required submission fee on our secure payment platform, permission will be given to uploaded your entry. It is only when this fee is confirmed as paid, will the submission process be completed.
  • All successful submissions will be automatically acknowledged via email.

KANAC Creative Writing Competition Selection Process

Before a final winner is selected, the KANAC Creative Writing Competition has three rounds in her selection process.

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The first round is immediately after the expiration of the deadline for the general call for submissions. The judges scrutinize all entries and nominate the ones that have potential for winning. The owners of all these entries are invited for interaction during the “authenticity” process.

After this, the third and final selection of the overall winner is made. After much scrutiny, a winner is selected and the cash prize is bestowed to the winner in a ceremony that is meant for that purpose.

Application Deadline: April 30th 2021

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