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Lordpress is a platform more like Operanewshub where you can make money online by writing Unique articles though pays a little more for than it. you can earn 5 – 10 dollars per 1000views on each Original articles you write. You can write Original articles about business, Technology, cheats, tips and many more, to make a lot money.

How to earn on Lodpress.com

  • Lodpress pays per 1000views on each article posted in the site and also depending on the country;
  • It also pays through refferal, user get to earn 20% of the downlines earnings.

Lodpress payouts rates per 1000 views in each Country :

United States – $15
United Kingdom – $10
United Arab – $8
Other Countries – $5

Minimum Withdrawal : 5 – 10 dollars

Payment Methods: Lodpress pays through PayPal, stripe, Paytm, Payza, Opay Bitcoin and Etheruem


Conditions to Lordpress earnings

  • Your articles must be 100% Unique, Submitting an Plagiarized article copied from anywhere around the web will lead to your account being suspended
  • Longer articles are also encouraged, writing articles with more words up to 600words ,the more you will be paid
  • Your article?s visitor must be unique within 24 hours.
  • VPN/proxy visitors will be excluded from your earnings.
  • Adblock visitors will be excluded from your earnings.
  • Visitors IP changed will be excluded from earnings.
  • Your article?s visitor must have JavaScript enabled.
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Your article?s visitor must have Cookies enabled.

How to register on lodpress

To register on lodpress is absolutely free

  • Visit the website lodpress.com
  • just click on the register button at the top of the page
    Fill in the necessary details

login then start posting and making money.

How to Write and summit articles on Lodpress.com

  • Just login into the site
  • Click on Menu button
  • Click on Add Article

Then write article on any topic on your choice.

Tip on writing a better eye Catching Article on Lodpress

  • SIGNUP for Google questions hub
  • Look for some most Searched topics and publish an articles about specific questions ask via questions hub
  • Add some backlinks to your article
  • Add header title to your contents, it is recommended for you to use Heading 2
  • Add at least 3 to 6 images to your contents upload your images to Google drive and copy the source url image Then paste it in image source link
  • You can write articles on trending and Educational topics like Cheats, tutorials, Technology,Make money Online etc
  • you can also share your articles to facebook, whatsapp and other social networks to get a lot pageviews.
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Lodpress Review(Is Lodpress.com really Paying )

Though I received Complaints  above Lodpress slow article approval and Payment Process but actually Lodpress is absolutely legit, Here are some proofs

Make money onMake money on

If there are any complaints or Suggestions you have about this site please let us hear from you through your comment box.

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