Top 5 requirements to consider before applying for admission in Nigeria

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Things to consider before Applying for admission into an institution in Nigeria

People say that getting admission in Nigeria is very hard because due to lack knowledge of how it works and Requirements. There are things to consider before Applying for Jamb admission which will be listed below

The Course you enroll in.

When applying for admission the first thing that comes into your mind is the course you want to do. Some Courses do have cutoff mark, So it’s Important to have an idea of the Courses you want to Apply for its for and it’s Cutoff mark in its Respective institution. it will help you Prepare.

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The University you want to apply for.

Every University in the states have it’s Own Criteria of Admitted Students like General Cutoff mark , available Courses and Departmental Cutoff marks, As well as Catchment Areas, it’s Important to know all these things, it will all help you prepare for your Jamb exam.

Catchment Area/States :

The are the selected States in which the University of Your choice are willing to admits its students. All Universities in Nigeria has its catchment Area, Before you apply for any Institution you need to know the Catchment Area of that Institution You are applying for, if its corresponds to where you are from.


Jamb Subject Combination:

Each Course in every institutions in Nigeria had it’s own Selected Subjects to be taken in Jamb, Nowadays Jamb automatically selects the Subjects for you in their System buts it’s Important you are are Aware of it Before Registration. it will also help you Prepare.

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Tuition Fees:

This is one of the Most Important factors, Economy in Nigeria is not getting Better. It’s Better you know about the School fees, Acceptance fee, Clearance and Other Fees you need to Pay in order to know if you can afford it.

  • Here are Some tips :
    Federal Schools are said to be the Cheapest in the Country.
  • Private Schools are the Most Expensive.
  • States Schools are Expensive too but sometimes Cheap to Indigenes only.
  • Schools in the North are also Cheaper than Schools in the South Apart from Private Schools.

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