Solaritic Investment – Make Money Online Investing on Solar Energy

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Solaric Investment is a High yield Investment Program (HYIP) In which you Invest your Money in Solar Energy in which They are Into to make Profit in return.

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Solaritic provides Profitable Investments in Renewable (Green) Energy for everyone worldwide. We are purchasing solar panels with the invested funds and deploying them in the sunniest places & countries around the world like Yuma, Arizona or Phoenix Arizona.

How to earn on Solaritic Investment.

Investment: Solaritic Investment have Investment plans in which a user has to invest Certain Amount according to the plans in order to get daily Profit. The higher the investment plan, the higher the daily Profit. Below are there Subscription Plans:

Starter Package


Offer: 4% daily
Duration: 30 days
ROI after 30days: 120%
Min. Investment: $10
Max. Investment: $499.99

Advance Package

Offer: 5% daily
Duration: 30 days
ROI after 30days: 150%
Min. Investment: $500
Max. Investment: $999.99

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Pro Package

Offer: 6% daily
Duration: 30 days
ROI after 30days: 180%
Min. Investment: $1000
Max. Investment: $1999

Biz Package

Offer: 8% daily
Duration: 30 days
ROI After 30days: 240%
Min. Investment: $2000
Max. Investment: $4999

Xclusive Package

Offer: 10% daily
Duration: 30 days
ROI after 30days: 300%
Min. Investment: $5000
Max. Investment: $9999

VIP Package

Offer: 16% daily
Duration: 25 days
ROI after 25days: 400%
Min. Investment: $10000
Max. Investment: $more

How to Invest on Solarictic Investment

Solaritic Only Accepts Crypto-Currencies , you can deposit through Payment Methods Such as Perfect Money, ePayCore, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and some other Crypto-Currencies.

How to invest in Solaritic When you dont have A crytocurrency Account


Referral: You can also Earn from Solaritic by Referring friends, Colleagues, Family and others to get 11% of their Investment

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How to Register on Solaritic Investment

Registration on Solaritic is Actually Free
Click here to register and start investing

Solaritic Withdrawal

Payment Method: PerfectMoney ,Epaycore, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and some other Crypto-Currencies

Payout Date: Within 48hrs

Solaritic Review(Is it Scam, Crash or Legit)

Solartic is Just a new Programme no Complaints Yet.

I advice you to Invest with Money you can Afford to loose.

These Programs Can turn Scam Anytime.

What’s your take on this ? You can help us by making Contributions, Complaints and Suggestions Using the Our Comments Box below
You can Also report Scam sites to us by Contacting Us

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