WeekPay.co Investment Review

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Weekpay Pty LTD is an investment platform in which investments are made by buying a Weekpay card from Weekpay vendors in your Location.

The Scheme is termed “Trader’s First Oriented System” with continuouse improvement in accordance to traders’ needs and the latest industry trends .

A member earns 5% of their Capital everyday and to withdraw at the end of the Month.

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How to earn on Weekpay:

Investment : You invest from #2000 – #500000 to earn 5% daily for seven days.


Referral : You earn 5% of your referrals first Investments when you refer someone.

How to Register on Weekpay

  • Click here to register
  • Fill in the required Details and Submit
  • Visit your email to get your Trade of Office Code(TOF Code) : A unique code used by each member of weekpay to purchase a weekpaycard.

How to Buy a Weekpay Card

The Price of a weekpay Card is #2000 to #50000, according to how much you want to Invest.

You can purchase a weekday card from any Vendor in your Location.The Contacts of weekpay Vendors in your region will be sent to your Email Once you Register.

You Can Also buy a weekpay Card Using Bitcoin , if you have a bitcoin wallet using the following steps:

  • Login into the Weekpay
  • Click on Buy with BTC


  • Click on Purchase with BTC, then follow the prompts.
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How to Activate a Weekpay Card

Remember Activating a weekpay card is more like Investing the Money used in buying the card in the site for Profits.

  • Just Login Into the site
  • Click on weekpay Card option in the Dashboard, then follow the prompts to activate the card

Weekpay Withdrawal

Payment method: Direct to bank Account .
Payout date: After 7 days.

Definition of Weekpay Terms

Account Balance: Is the sum available cash of your local currency (Naira for Nigeria Investors) that has not been used for investment procurement. Note: All activated weekpay card goes to the account balance.

Weekly Earning: Is the total amount of earning of your investment procured (purchased). It grows on a daily basis and it’s measured in Dollar proportional to the amount invested. Note: 5% is the daily interest per investment. Formula = (5/100)*capital))

My Package: Is the initial capital (sum total amount) invested in dollar. Formula = (Capital / Dollar rate) and the unit is USD

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Net-Daily Profit: Is the 5% profit of your capital that would be added to your earning on a daily basis. However, non-business days are excluded.
Trade level: Is the sum of business days traded on your investment procured.

Affiliate Bonus: Is the sum total of your referral bonus. Note: You earn 5% of you’re the first deposit of your referral

WeekPay card distributors: They are voluntarily vendors certified by weekpay to sells weekpay card.

Note: You too can apply as one of our vendors and sells weekpay card.
Paycard: This option enable one to activate a weekpay card.

Withdraw Settlement: This option enable one to withdraw earning from the investment procured (purchased). It comprises of both the capital and interest. Note: The trade level must be 7 and above before this option can work.
Procure investment: This option enable one to purchase an investment after activating weekpay card.

Payout-in-transit: This option contained all the withdrawals awaiting network confirmation and account holder verification.

Paid Payouts: As the name implies, paid withdrawal goes here.
My affiliate: This option contained the list of your referrals.

Weekpay Review(Is it Legit ,Scam or Crashed?)

Weekpay stopped Paying a long time ago, I received complaint on many investors weekpay made away with their Money. I have no option than to inform you that Weekpay is now a Scam.

What’s your take on this ? You can help us by making Contributions, Complaints and Suggestions Using the Our Comments Box below

You can Also report Scam sites to us by Contacting Us

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